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Quick Disconnect Terminal by Antigravity
Our Price: $10.00
Sale Price: $7.50
Quick disconnect fitting for adapting a quick disconnect
system to your vehicle comes with neccesary
lugs for attaching to wiring. 6 guage lugs.  
2 pieces needed to complete connection.
Adams Performance takes your stock Cam Sprockets for Yamaha R6 or Kawasaki ZX6 and slots them with our in-house CNC machines. A must for anyone wanting power from there Micro Sprint!!! Exchange Only
please send to
Adams Performance
501 Performance RD
Mooresville, NC 28115
Adams Performance Manual Cam Chain Tensioner for Yamaha R6 2006-Newer (Black Motor)
Manual cam chain tensioners are designed to replace the automatic and hydraulic tensioners on high performance engines. The automatic adjusters can back out when the throttle is closed suddenly at high rpm. This allows the cams to go momentarely out of time, and can result in bent valves and/or serious engine damage. Hydraulic tensioners have a tendency to put too much tension on the chain guide under high rpm/high oil pressure conditions, resulting in premature wear.
Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
List Price: $230.00
Our Price: $155.00
These Walbro high pressure inline fuel pumps have a lightweight
compact design that fits most EFI applications including turbo and
supercharged, and are QS9000 certified.

They're ideal as a universal fuel pump for replacement, racing,
or for performance purposes where higher pressure fuel is necessary.

So when it comes to your fuel delivery needs, you can depend on Walbro!
AEM's Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
              Capable of supporting enough fuel flow for engines up to 1000 horsepower.
              Our patented interchangeable discharge ports enable the regulator's output to match the output of any fuel pump.
              Our universal fuel pressure regulator is tapped to accept a -6 AN, or 9/16”x18 fittings
               Includes a 1/8 NPT port for a fuel pressure gauge or pressure sensor pick up.
Adams Performance take your stock Yamaha R6 oil pump
and makes it in to an oiling monster, replacing
the internals with new gears, a must for anyone
wanting there Micro Sprint to last!!! Sold on

exchange only!
Methanol Purge Tank
Our Price: $179.00
DIGITAL Fuel Pressure
Our Price: $199.99
Billet Oil Pan W/ Pickup Kawasaki ZX636 05-06
Our Price: $400.00
Sale Price: $295.00
Methonal purge tank is the last step before
storing you Alcohol car,

It purges the Fuel system of remaining Alcohol

A must for any micro sprint
Cheap insurance to save fuel system
The AEM 100PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge has a bright LED display
that shows fuel pressure in 1 PSI increments, and a sweeping
LED "needle" that lines the edge and changes color as fuel pressure
changes from 0 to 100. This is perfect for those who need to know
fuel pressure at high RPM on tuned engines - and now you'll be able
to see and log to the exact PSI. Each gauge includes interchangable
silver and black bezels and black and white faceplates to personalize
the look of your gauge - it's like having 4 gauges in 1!
Adams Performance Billet Oil Pan With Pickup for Kawasaki ZX636 2005-2006 Micro Sprint

Adams Performance has designed the Billet Oil pan and Pickup for the ZX636 05-06 to maximize oil to the pickup.
Dynojet Power Commander 5 Micro Sprint
List Price: $359.00
Our Price: $329.95
Sale Price: $329.95
Billet Oil Pan Micro W/ pick up Yamaha R6 06-UP (Black Motor)
List Price: $450.00
Our Price: $400.00
Sale Price: $400.00
For Micro Sprints
The Dynojet Power Commander plugs inline with your bike’s stock fuel injection system. It uses OEM (original equipment manufacturer) style connectors making installation easy and quick. The Power Commander allows a full range of fuel adjustments via fuel maps. Adjustments can be made with a Windows based computer. No permanent changes are made to the bike’s system. Once the unit is removed the bike reverts to its stock settings.
Map Database
Dynojet supports the Power Commander product line with the worlds largest map database. We work with all of the leading exhaust manufacturers from around the globe to bring you pre-tested settings for your motorcycle. No guesswork on your part. Every map that we offer was tested and developed on one of our multiple in house Dynojet Dynamometers using our patented Tuning Link software. New maps are developed weekly for all popular applications.
The Bazzaz Performance Z-Fi Fuel Control Unit differs significantly from
 what is currently available in the marketplace in a number of ways.

It is a plug and play unit that piggy-backs onto the stock ECU.
Each unit comes with an application specific harness that utilizes OEM connectors for simple installation,
and comes pre-programmed for either the stock exhaust or a slip-on.

Please give year, model at checkout

Stop worrying about your pan and proper oiling. Adams Performance has designed our Billet Oil Pan and pick up for the Yamaha R6 to keep the oil in the pick up and you out in front on the track. Fits Yamaha R6's from 2006 and Newer.

Methonal Conversion 08-09 R6
Our Price: $2,500.00
This methanol conversion features a custom
airbox using the factory movable velocity
stacks for greatly improved mid range and
top end power over the '06-'07 model.

Must have factory 08-09 yamaha core

Guhl Motors Methanol Conversion