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Straightliner is sorry to see AMA Dragbike go, but America’s only all-motorcycle drag racing magazine is looking forward to more time with the many thriving series in the sport. In addition to complete coverage of every Mickey Thompson MiRock Superbike Series event, Straightliner has already begun discussions with the ADRL and Hurricane Alley. So even though the icon is gone, the sport and our place in it will continue unabated.

Our July issue covers the May Rockingham and June Maryland races, and what will now stand as AMA Dragbike’s final event in Montgomery. We’ll have opinions from racing veterans and industry insiders about this latest development in the landscape of the sport and find out where the action is growing. This issue will debut in record numbers at the blockbuster Fast By Gast WPGC Bike Fest at Maryland International Raceway in July. Secure a spot for your company in this landmark issue of Straightliner by July 2nd.

America’s only all-motorcycle drag racing magazine thanks you for your continued support and will continue to deliver the best coverage to the best customers in motorsports!   For more information on advertising opportunities in Straightliner, contact  Tim Hailey timhailey@earthlink.net (718) 554-3866 or Sylvia Cochran sylviac@usridernews.com 478-237-3761